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Acenda is natively integrated with the Marketplace.  Presently, Acenda is only integrated with Orders, Shipments, Credits and Returns.  Presently, Acenda is not integrated with Overstock's Product API; you must load products using Overstock's spreadsheets in Supplier Oasis. 


To get started follow the steps below:

Setup Overstock Marketplace
1. Apply for a Marketplace (Supplier Oasis) account.  
2. Configure your Sales Tax Settings. Note: Shipping fees are collected and kept by Overstock :( 
3. Visit Acenda Admin > Services > Service Library > Overstock and click the "+ Add Service" button
4. Now, let's configure the Overstock service

5. Enter the Service details:

  • Title: Enter a name for your service. This is only for internal reference, eg. Overstock.
  • User Name: Enter the username for your Supplier Oasis account.
  • Password: Enter the password for your Supplier Oasis account.
  • Warehouse Code: Please ask your Overstock account representative for this value.
  • Product Query: Filter which products you want to enable for the Overstock Marketplace.

6. Click Save

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