Integrate with Shopify (Plus)


Acenda is natively integrated with Shopify and Shopify Plus. Orders, Inventory and Shipments will automatically sync.  

To setup integration with Shopify follow the steps below:

1. From the Acenda dashboard click Services
2. Then click Services Library
The Services page displays.
3. Locate the Shopify service and click Add Service

4. Enter the Service details:

  • Status: Set to "Active" to activate
  • Title: A friendly title name for the service (eg. Shopify Integration)
  • Shopify Store Name: Enter the prefix for your Shopify store (eg. mystorename). Do not include (example:
  • API Key & API Password: Generate this key using the Shopify Private App Tool. To do so, visit your MyShopify Admin > Apps and click on the link "Manage Private Apps". Then click on the button Create a New Private App. Then complete the following form.


  • Name: Enter Acenda
  • Permissions: Set All permissions to "Read and write"
  • Checkbox the Allow Access to Storefront

Now, Copy / Paste the API credentials from Shopify (see sample credentials below) into the Acenda Shopify Service (see sample form above).


5. Click Save in the Acenda Service
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