Processing Orders

Overview: Once an order is placed on your website (or on outside marketplaces eg. Amazon) it needs to be processed.   Visit Admin > Orders.

Level of Difficulty: Beginner

To process Orders follow these steps:

1. Confirm that you have configured your Checkout and Payment Platform settings.

2. All new orders will appear on the Orders page with a Pending status. Select an individual order.

  • Order Number - The Acenda order number
  • External Order Id - If your order was imported from a marketplace (eg. Amazon, eBay) then it will show the original order number.
  • Status - The status of your order (eg. Shipped, Cancelled, Pending).
  • Returns Pending - If your order has a pending merchandise return.
  • Total - The order total.
  • Name - The Bill To address' first and last name.
  • Date created - The date/time when the order was placed.
  • Date modified - The date/time of the most recent order modification.

Now you will see the Order page.


 3. You can Edit the customer's shipping or billing information by clicking the Edit link next to the customer information near the top of the screen.


4. Individual items can be cancelled, partially/fully credited, returned and shipped by adjusting the item-level Status

  • Tracking Number - Acenda supports UPS, Fedex and USPS tracking numbers.
  • Click the Save Changes button after modifying the item level status.
    • Transaction emails are automatically generated and emailed to customers.

5. You can apply Coupon Codes, adjust Shipping and Tax amounts in the Order tool.

6. You can also adjust entire order-level Status:

7. To charge the Order you must click the green Delay Capture button. 



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