Channel Posting Templates

1. Navigate to (Acenda Admin > Channels > Posting Templates)


2. Click the +NewItem button


3. Complete the Posting Template form:

NOTE: Posting Templates are use to map products in your store's database with external marketplaces. Each posting template will preload with variables that you can modify if you choose. 



  • Template Name: Enter an internal name for this template, eg. bedding. NOTE: we recommend using lowercase and no spaces, eg. walmart_pet_products.
  • Channel Name: Select the Channel (eg. Walmart, eBay) that you want this template to apply to.
  • Category: Type a category name and Acenda will provide a list of relevant channel categories. 

4. Click Save

5. Navigate to (Acenda Admin > Channels > Posting Templates).  Locate the Posting Template you created in Step 9 and click the Edit button.


6. Now you can edit the Posting Templates:


A. There are five tabs in the Posting Template:

  • Base: These attributes are generic to all categories on the marketplace.  
  • Category Specific: These attributes apply to the specific category within the marketplace.
  • Additional: Create your own custom attributes for a channel
  • Variant Configuration: Allows you to customize the Product Variant values in the attribute dropdown on the Marketplace listing, eg. Size, Color.
  • Image Configuration: You can associate custom image types with specific channels.  IMPORTANT NOTEimages are associated at the Variant level (not product level).
  • Preview: Allows you to preview the Posting Template prior to launching.  Enter a valid variant.sku value to test.

SS_469.jpg= Click the "i" icon next to a given attribute for additional information

SS_470.jpg= Indicates that the attribute is required by the channel

SS_471.jpg= Indicates the allowed values for a given attribute.  We suggest using either a Value Type with a "Static String", or "Product Property" associated with a custom field.

B. Each Attribute's meta-data can be customized by adjusting the Value Type:


  • Product Property: This is the default value. One selected, you can change the Value field to use a variable from the product model.
  • Static String: Enter a regular expression
  • Twig Template: Create a Twig Template for the Attribute. For example if you want to join brand and variant name then you would enter: {{ name ~ ' ' ~ }}

7. Click Save

8. Navigate to (Acenda Admin > Products > Products)


9. Click Edit for the Product you wish to associate with the Posting Template

NOTE: You can also bulk update products using Acenda's Import Tool.

10. Enter the name of the respective Posting Template into the channel's Posting Template value, (eg. "bedding" into Walmart_Posting_Template).

NOTE: Use lowercase and no spaces text in this field (eg. walmart_pet_products)


10. A few variables support multiple values from Acenda to a marketplaces.  For example, Amazon's "description bullet points" require multiple values. Click +Add Value to add a multi-value association. 

Here's a screenshot that uses custom fields, eg. bullet1.  You must populate the bullet1 field values using the import tool or admin tool.


11. Click Save

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