View the JSON output of the API


Use Developer Mode in the Chrome Browser to view the JSON output of the Acenda REST API.  

 We recommend that you add the JSON Formatter Chrome Extension to your Chrome Browser. This will make the JSON output format nicely in your browser.

The juiciest pages are the individual Order pages and Product pages. In this example we are going to walk through the JSON output for the Product page:

1. Go to Admin > Products > Products


2. Locate a product in the Acenda Admin and click the Edit button.



3. Load Chrome's Developer Tools and navigate to the "Network" tab.



4. Refresh the browser page. icon-refresh-128.png

5. Now in the Filter box enter "api/product" (note: if you're filtering the order page you will enter "api/order")


6. Click on one of the results in the Name column, eg. 11833?...

7. Click the Header tab in the new console window.



8. Copy/Paste the entire Request URL link into a new browser window.  NOTE:  We recommend that you add the JSON Formatter Chrome Extension to your Chrome Browser. 

Your screen should look something like this:



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