Integration with Optimizely


Acenda is natively integrated with Optimizely.  In conjunction with Acenda, Optimizely's integration provides A/B Testing, Segmentation, and Personalization.

Prerequisite Step:

Visit and create an account.

To activate Optimizely follow the steps below:

1. From the Acenda dashboard click Services
2. Then click Services Library
The Services Library page displays. Locate the Optimizely service tile.
3. Click Add Service

4. Enter the Service details:

  • Status: Toggle the service on/off.
  • Title: Add a name to the service. eg. Optimizely
  • Project ID: Enter a Project ID
5. Login into your account
6. Navigate to your Project
7. Click on the Settings Tab
8. Locate the Project ID and Copy/Paste into the form above
9. Click Save
10. From the Acenda dashboard click Themes
11. Then click Template Editor
The TEMPLATE page displays.
12. Navigate in the Template Editor to:
  • active template ID or Name > Views > _layouts > base.html.twig
+ Enlarge Graphic
13. Move the cursor to immediately after the opening <html> tag

14. At the bottom of the Template Editor, select "Optimizely Integration Tag" from the Select a widget drop-down

15. Click Insert Widget 

Note: Include this snippet on every page that should run this project's experiments or be tracked as a goal with Optimizely.

The Optimizely code will now appear in your Template Editor window.
16. Click Save
17. Click Deploy
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