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With the Customers tool you can view Customer information, customer purchase history, and manage personalized pricing (B2B). 

To view customer information follow the steps below:

1. From the Acenda dashboard click Customers
2. Then click Customers
The CUSTOMERS page displays with a listing of customers.
  • You can Search and Filter the list.
  • You can Export a Customer list to CSV by clicking Export > CSV
3. select an individual Customer record from the list using the checkbox and click Edit
The Customer details display.
  • You can view a consolidated list of Order History associated with the customer.
  • Click Edit to modify Customer name, email, and assign customers to Groups.  Groups control personalized pricing.


  • Has Verified Email: If checked then it indicates that the customer has verified their actual email address. You can manually overwrite and check the box. If the Group requires a verified email and the customer has not verified their email then the customer will not be able to login to the store.
  • Group: The pricing group that the customer is assigned to.
  • Account Status: Must be "Active" for the customer to browse the store.  
  • Group Spending Limit Overwrite: If the Group has a spending limit (eg. $100 per month) and you want to grant the individual customer an exception from this limit then enter a value.
4. Click Save
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