Set Billing Countries


Billing Countries controls the countries that you want to accept payment from, this is different than Shipping Countries.  

For example, you may only offer shipping to addresses in the United States; however, you may want to allow both United States and Canadian customer to shop at your website AND ship to addresses in the United States.

Often international tourists will order online and ship to a hotel address in the United States.

To set billing countries in Acenda follow the steps below:

1. From the Acenda dashboard click Payments
2. Then click Billing Countries
The BILLING COUNTRIES page displays.

3. Using the buttons Add or Remove accepted billing countries:

  • Add Selected: Adds the currently selected countries from the Available Countries list
  • Add All: Adds all the countries in the Available Countries list
  • Remove Selected: Removes the currently selected countries from the Accepted Countries list
  • Remove All: Removes all the countries in the Accepted Countries list
  • Navigation Buttons: Use to move Up / Down / Top of list / Bottom of list as an alternative to mouse scrolling
4. Click Save
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