ShipStation's integration makes printing labels and shipping rate calculations a breeze. Orders will automatically export and sync with the ShipStation integration.

To setup integration with ShipStation follow the steps below:

  1. From the dashboard click Services.

  2. Then click Service Library.

    The Service Library page displays.

  3. Locate the ShipStation service and click the Add Service button.

  4. Enter the Service details:

    • Status: Set to "Active" to activate.
    • Title: A friendly title name for the service (eg. ShipStation Integration).
    • API Key & API Secret:

    • Store ID: This is an optional field and should only be used if you have multiple ShipStation stores within the same ShipStation account.
    • Order Query: define a query to set which orders are sent to ShipStation (eg. don't send Amazon FBA orders).
  5. Click Save.

Example API: API serviceCode-carrierCode_11052015.xlsx (20 KB)


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