Processing a Return


Acenda has a built-in Returns Tool. Typically, a customer will visit the Order Status page and select the item(s) to be returned.  

Alternatively, customer service can manually create a return within the Order Admin tool.  

To update your Return Settings follow the steps below:

1. From the Acenda dashboard click Orders
The ORDERS page displays.

2. Locate a specific order that you want to generate a return for.  

Note: An order must first ship before it is eligible for a return.

3. click the Returns tab
4. Click Create a return

5. Enter the return details:

  • Item: Select the item you wish to return
  • Quantity: Select the desired quantity
  • Reason: Enter a return for the return (eg. Didn't fit)
  • Status: Select the status for the returned item (Pending, Cancelled, Shipped, Returned)
6. Click Save return
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