Import Inventory using the Import Tool


We will walk through the process of updating a product, variant or collection using the import tool.

First, it's important to understand Acenda's Product Schema

To update a product, variant or collection follow the steps below:

1. From the Acenda dashboard click Products
2. Then click Products
The PRODUCTS page displays.
3. Export the list of Products:
  • Click Export
  • Click To CSV
4. Open the exported file in your preferred spreadsheet editor

5. Modify the data that you want to change:  


Note: There are two levels of Product Schema hierarchy in the file:

  1. Product Level: The top level for a product. Contains the parent product's description, attributes and images. (yellow shade above).
  2. Variant Level: The bottom level for a product. Contains the child product(s) descriptions, attributes and images. (green shade above).

Inventory is managed at the Variant Level. Therefore, the CSV file you prepare for import should only contain Variant Level data.  Remove all non-variant data.  We recommend creating a CSV file with the following  fields (Note: you can update ANY additional variant field by just adding a column to your CSV file):  

  • variant.sku
  • variant.inventory_quantity
  • variant.price
6. From the Acenda dashboard click Import
The IMPORT page displays. 
7. Select Product Variant from the Model dropdown list
8. Click Upload a File and follow the upload process

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Sample File:

variant_inventory_update.csv (250 bytes)

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