Product Bundles (Kits)


This article will walk you through the process of grouping products into a Product Bundle. Bundles are virtual products that don't exist in your warehouse.  

Whenever an individual product(s) from the Bundle is out of stock then the Bundle will disappear. This prevents a back-order situation from occuring.

We recommend referencing the Product Schema guide to understand the relationship between Variants, Products, Bundles and Collections.

Example Bundled Products:

To create a product bundle with a group of variants follow the steps below:

1. From the Acenda dashboard click Products
2. Then click Bundles
The BUNDLE page displays.
3. Click New Item
The New Bundle page displays.

4. Enter the New Bundle Information:

  • Name: Enter the display name for the bundle e.g. Summer Bundle - Save 10%
  • Description: Enter the display description for the bundle e.g. Buy these 4 items together and save 10% on the total at checkout

5. Add Products to the bundle:

  • Search items: Enter search term for product and add quantity

6. Select Rules for bundle:

  • Coupons don't apply to this bundle: Select this checkbox to disable customers from using your coupon codes on your bundle

7. Enter Discount options:

  • Select Discount Type:
    • Discount is percentage
    • Discount is a dollar amount
    • Fixed Price for the Bundle
  • Enter the Discount Percentage / Amount / Price

Note: The next dropdown field is not editable for bundles.

8. Select the Status for the bundle:

  • Active
  • Disabled

9. Assign the bundle to a Collection

Note: Bundles MUST be assigned to a Collection to appear on your store.

11. Click Save
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