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The Content page tool allows you to simply and easily create Content pages for both informational and marketing purposes.  

To create a Content page follow the steps below:

1. From the Acenda dashboard click Site Content
2. Then click Content Editor
The CONTENT page displays.
3. To add new content click New Item
The CONTENT page displays.

4. Enter the Content:

  • Title: Enter the name of your content page (eg. Holiday Shipping Deadlines).
  • Type:
    • Document - Allows you to use the WYSIWIG editor to design your content page.
    • HTML - Copy/Paste HTML into the Content box.
  • Content: Enter the content.
  • Meta Title: This is the meta-tag page title - useful for SEO.
  • Meta Keywords: Enter the meta keywords.
  • Meta Description: - The meta-tag description.
  • Slug: (URL) - you can customize the slug or URL.
  • Publish: If checked then your content page will be active.
  • Custom Fields

5. Click Save

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  • Using the Tempate Editor You can also use the Template Editor to upload a file to your website.  This is useful if you want to upload a .txt file to your root directory.  Note: you must save your file as a .twig file for it to render, eg. If you're uploading a file then we recommend saving it as a .twig file, eg. readme.txt --> readme.txt.twig. 
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