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The Payment Platforms (Paypal) site settings allows you to update your payment gateways to accept payments on your Acenda site.  

You can connect your Paypal Payment Pro gateway to most major Bank Merchant Accounts (eg. Bank of America, Wells Fargo, US Bank, and Chase).

 It is advised that you sign up for Paypal Fraud Services (additional fees apply).  You can do this within your Paypal Manager account.  We suggest that you sign up for Basic-level protection with the settings as per the screenshot below. Also be sure to set your Fraud Filters to Active mode.

To modify your Payment Platforms follow the steps below:

Enable PayPal Payments Gateway
1. Navigate to the PayPal Payments Gateway
2. Create or sign in to you PayPal account following the instructions on the site
3. Navigate to Paypal Manager Account Administration > Manage Security > Transaction Settings

3. Activate Reference Transactions

4. Enter the Transaction Settings options:

  • Allow Non-referenced Credits: Set to "No"
  • Credits may exceed original transaction amount: Set to "No"
  • Allow reference transactions: Set to "Yes"

5. Click Confirm

Setup User in PayPal Manager

1. Navigate to Paypal Manager > Account Administration > Manage Users

2. Select Add User

The Add User form displays.

2. Enter User Information:

  • Merchant Login:  Remember this value. It will be needed later.
  • User Login Name: Create a User Name
  • User Password: Create a User Password
  • Predefined Role: Select API_FULL_TRANSACTIONS

3. Click Update

Setup Payment Platform
1. From the Acenda dashboard click Payments
2. Then click Payment Platforms
The PAYMENT PLATFORMS page displays. PayPal Payments Gateway is the third payment platform shown.

3. Enter the PayPal Payments Gateway setup options:

  • User Login Name: Enter the previously created "User Login Name"
  • Merchant Login: Enter the previously created "Merchant Login"
  • User Password: Enter the previously created "User Password"
  • Sandbox: Select to test checkout without charging a credit card(s).  
Note: While in sandbox mode you must use test credit card numbers from the list below.  Do not use other (valid) credit card numbers - the transactions will fail (this is a safety mechanism).
 Remember to uncheck the Sandbox checkbox when you're ready to process live credit cards. 
4. Click Save
PayPal Sandbox Credit Card Numbers (Reference)
PayPal Express Checkout Setup
Acenda is also integrated with Paypal Express Checkout.
1. After creating your PayPal Express account visit > Profile > My Selling Tools > API access
2. Click the Update link
3. Scroll to the NVP/SOAP API integration section
4. Click the View API Signature link

5. Click Show Links to expose your API credentials.

6. Copy the API Credentials:

  • API Username
  • API Password
  • Signature

7. Click Done

Note: You will need to paste these credentials into the Acenda Platform settings fields in the next step. 
Enable PayPal Express
1. From the Acenda dashboard click Payments
2. Then click Payment Platforms
The PAYMENT PLATFORMS page displays. PayPal Express Checkout API is the second set of options shown.

3. Enter the PayPal Payments Express Checkout API setup options:

  • User: Paste the User Name
  • Password: Paste the Password
  • Signature: Paste the Signature  
  • Sandbox: You have the option of testing PayPal Express by selecting the Sandbox checkout. Remember to unselect this when you want to Enable PayPal Express. 
  • Enable: You have the option of Enabling PayPal Express for live transactions on your store.  If you were testing in Sandbox mode then please unselect the Sandbox checkbox.
4. Click Save
After you enter the PayPal Express credentials then the Checkout with PayPal button will automatically appear in your website's Shopping Cart page


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