Site Settings: Payment Platforms (Stripe)


The Payment Platforms (Stripe) site settings allows you to update your payment gateways to accept payments on your Acenda site.  

To modify your Payment Platforms follow the steps below:

Enable Stripe
1. Navigate to the Stripe website
2. Create a Stripe account following the instructions on the Stripe site

3. Locate your Stripe API Keys

4. Navigate to > Dashboard > Account Settings > API Keys

5. Copy the Live Secret Key and the Live Perishable Key values

Note: In the next step you will paste these keys into Acenda settings fields in order to complete Stripe setup.

Setup Payment Platform
1. From the Acenda dashboard click Payments
2. Then click Payment Platforms
The PAYMENT PLATFORMS page displays. Stripe is the first payment platform shown.

3. Enter the Stripe setup options:

  • Currency: Select from Dollar or Euro
  • Secret Key: Paste in the Secret key
  • Publishable Key: Paste in the Publishable Key
  • Charge Method: Select from:
  • Sandbox: Select to test checkout without charging a credit card(s).  
    • Note: While in sandbox mode you must use test credit card numbers from the list at the end of this article.  Do not use other (valid) credit card numbers - the transactions will fail (this is a safety mechanism).
  • Enable: Select to activate Stripe for actual/live transactions


 Remember to uncheck the Sandbox checkbox when you're ready to process live credit cards. 
4. Click Save
Stripe Sandbox Credit Card Numbers (Reference)


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