Adding Custom Fields


With Acenda you have the power to add Custom Fields to any model (eg. Order, Customer, Locations, etc.)

To add or modify a Custom Field please follow the steps below:

1. From the Acenda dashboard click Settings
2. Then click Custom Fields
The CUSTOM DATA SCHEMATA form displays.

3. Select the Model from the dropdown list

Note: Custom field will be added ONLY to the selected model.

4. Click Add Rule
The Validation rule popup window displays.

5. Select the Validate As field type (a field must have at very least 1 validation rule).

 You can have multiple rules per Custom Field; to do so, you must enter one rule per entry.

TIP: Allow up to 15 minutes for custom fields to propagate all pages/tools.  Contact Acenda Support if your wait time is prolonged. 

6. Enter a Name for the Custom Field.

 Names must be lowercase, no empty spaces and avoid special characters.

For example: store_manager_name, number_parking_spots, holiday_hours are all valid field names.

NOTE: Acenda services such as Walmart and Amazon will automatically create new fields, eg. "walmart_enabled", once the service(s) are enabled.

7. Click Save Changes
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