Site Settings: Custom Domain Names and DNS Settings


The DNS & Caching Settings tab controls the domain(s) that point to your Acenda site.

You are not required to have a domain name (eg. to set up an Acenda website. All Acenda sites have a direct URL at (substitute "storename" with your store's actual storename).

Your Acenda site includes free domain association and SSL certificates, all you need to do is point your DNS to the Name Servers provided.

To modify your DNS and Caching Settings follow the steps below:

  1. From the Acenda dashboard click Settings

  2. Then click Site Settings

    The Site Settings page displays.

  3. Click the DNS & Caching Tab

    The Domain Names page displays.

Associate Domain Name

  1. Enter the New Domain name

  2. Click Add Domain

    Acenda supports multiple domain name associations. This means that you can point more than one domain at your Acenda site. Each domain name will display in the browser throughout the consumer experience, including checkout.

    After a few moments the Name Servers list displays.

  3. Visit your domain registrar (eg. Go Daddy, Network Solutions) and update the Name Servers (DNS) in your domain registrar's account settings. If your domain is in "lock" mode with your registrar then you must unlock it prior to adjusting the DNS.

Update IP Address for New DNS Record

  1. Under the DNS & Caching tab locate your new DNS record

  2. Click Edit

    The DNS Zone Records page displays.

  3. Click the Click here to update them hyperlink


If you don't see any records in the DNS Zone Records form, then manually add a record:

  • Enter Name: Your domain name (eg.
  • Enter IP Address:

Acenda will automatically update the IP address with a valid one.

Next, select the primary domain name that you wish to use for your store from the Main URL drop-down.

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