Site Settings: Transaction Emails & Notifications


The Notifications Site Settings form allows you to set the subject lines of your transaction emails (eg. Order Confirmation Email).  

 Editing the body of the Notification emails is done within the Template Manager.

To set up or modify your Noification Settings follow the steps below:

1. From the Acenda dashboard click Settings
2. Then click Site Settings 
The SITE SETTINGS page displays.
3. Click the Notifications Tab
The Customer Email Notifications page displays.

4. Enter the Account Email 

Note: This email address will appear as the "from" email address for all your transaction emails.

Editing Subject Lines
  • You can use Order variables in your subject line, eg. {{site_name}} and {{order_number}}.  
  • You can use regular expressions to customize the subject line of each Email Notification type.
5. Click Save
Editing Body Text
1. From the Acenda dashboard click Themes
2. Then click Installed Themes
The TEMPLATES page displays.

3. Browse to the following path: /public > store name > views > email 

4. Use SensioLab's Twig to update the templates with your branding or additional code
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5.Click Save
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