Add URL and Site-Search Redirects


Adding 301 or 302 URL redirects is easy with Acenda.  You can do this in two ways:

  • Manually with the Admin Tool
  • Bulk import from a CSV file with the Import Tool

This function is useful if you want to add a Search Term Redirect that allows you to direct consumers to a specific page when they search for a term on the site search; e.g. Customer Account can direct to the Login page.

To add a URL or Search Term Redirect follow the steps below:

Create a New Redirect
1. From the Acenda dashboard click Settings
2. Then click Redirects
The REDIRECT SETTINGS page displays.
The default tab is URL Redirects, click the Search Redirects tab to toggle between them as required.
3. Click + New Item 

The REDIRECT form displays.

4. Enter the Pattern 
  • The old URL path that you want to redirect. For example, if your old URL was then you would enter baseball.
5. Enter the Destination 
  • The new URL path that you want to redirect to. For example, if you new URL is then you would enter products/baseball.

6. Enter the Code 

  • Select between a 301 (permanent) or 302 (temporary) redirect.

7. Select the Regex option 

  • Select if you want the Pattern field to contain a regular expression. For example: ^tennis will redirect all URL paths beginning with the term "tennis".
8. Click Save
Bulk Import URL Redirects
1. From the Acenda dashboard click Settings
2. Then click Import
The IMPORT page displays.
3. Select the Model from the dropdown list

4. Click Upload a File and select your CSV formatted file containing the following five fields:

  • Code
  • Regex
  • Pattern
  • Destination
  • SearchTerm


  • The Regex column must contain either a 0 for No, or a 1 for Yes.
  • The SearchTerm column must contain either a 0 for No, or a 1 for Yes.
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